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Six Tips for Working from Home – COVID-19 Edition

Working from home (WFH) can be challenging – add COVID-19 to the mix and roadblocks start to stack up.  From carving out a workspace to dodging distraction, staying on track can be a full time job. Here are some tips to make the transition to WFH easier.

Keep to a schedule.

Keep routines as consistent as possible. Set an alarm for your wake up, eat your lunch at a set time and take breaks to stretch your legs.  Routines are crucial even when you are working in your pajamas. Create structure for yourself: consistency leads to developing WFH habits which can boost creativity and productivity.

Create a workspace and stick to it.

Not all of us have the luxury of an existing home office but now we need to make one.  Pick a comfortable space with access to power outlets, good light offering opportunities for quiet time.  If you can, avoid the couch (turning on that TV might be a little too tempting).

Take a break.

Go for a walk or do some stretches. Fresh air is good for you as long as you’re practicing physical distancing (at least as long as COVID-19 is around).  A lot of gyms and yoga studios are offering free online classes to keep you fit while at home!

Keep in touch.

WFH can be isolating but doesn’t need to be. Keep in touch with colleagues by phone, slack or zoom. Schedule catch up time – even if you don’t have any work-related updates, just hearing someone else’s voice can be refreshing. The TDS team have added two daily check in calls to discuss work and also create a much needed opportunity for laughs and sharing.  It’s necessary to keep in touch and important to the collaborative and fun culture TDS is proud of fostering.

Be patient.

Some days are going to be more productive than others. Let’s face it, no matter what we do, distractions or other obligations can come up when WFH. Don’t beat yourself up – do your best to stay organized and on schedule within what’s realistic. Keep lists of things you want to accomplish and keep track of the date on the calendar.

Keep networking and learning.

COVID-19 might be keeping us all at home but it doesn’t have to stop networking and professional development in its tracks. Listen to a podcast or take an online course. Update your profile and build your network on LinkedIn so that you can make new connections in-person at that next networking event.

The team at TDS is still working hard (from home!) during these surreal times. We’re here to assist you with any staffing needs your team might have now or to complement your job search in this ever-changing professional landscape. We hope our recruitment agency’s tips help and wish everyone good health as we all push forward with 2020.