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Refining the 2022 Recruitment Process

2021 brought changes to the workforce that resulted in remarkable movement for top talent in most industries.  As we forge ahead with continued growth and demand for skilled candidates, here are some tips to level up your hiring game in 2022.

Tighten up your timelines. By the time a second or third interview can even take place, the talent you are seeking may already be getting an offer from another organization. Make sure your company’s interview process keeps in step with the candidates you are seeking, so they stay engaged and interested.

Know what you are selling. In an active job market candidates have options and may need to feel courted.  Clearly articulate your company’s vision, mission and what your organization offers its employees.  HR, executive teams and hiring managers alike should be aligned to ensure a concise message is conveyed to the interviewees.

Examine your total rewards.  Does your total rewards package resonate with a workforce that has been conducting business remotely for almost two years?  Hybrid options (flexibility), mental health initiatives and vacation are key priorities for compensation packages.

Work with an agency with an eye for talent and a broad network. Align yourself with a recruitment agency that makes it a priority to know your company and has the network to find the right hires.

With an established presence in Toronto that dates back over 45 years, TDS Personnel has the experience, knowledge, and connections to complement your company’s hiring process and ensure you have the talent needed to prosper in 2022.