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New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers

The start of a new year is an opportunity to ensure you’re well-prepared for the job search. Here are a few new year’s resolutions to help you find the perfect position in 2019.

Focus on your digital presence

Your digital presence is the first point of contact for hiring managers and recruitment agency professionals. Make sure what they see and read is genuine and approachable, yet professional. Consider what appears when you Google yourself. Do your LinkedIn profile, personal website or social media accounts appear? Every result should be optimized to attract potential employers.

Your LinkedIn profile is an introduction to employers. It should include updated job titles, skills and experience. It should also include a bit of personality: your profile picture should be current and your career summary should be friendly and thorough.

Your website should include all your best work. Add the projects you’re most proud of, both personal and professional, and check your contact information to ensure it is easy to find and up-to-date.

Social media is an opportunity to share your personality, sense of humour and passions. Proudly post memories from family gatherings, networking events and travel, etc.

Update your resume

There’s always room to improve your resume by adding new skills, areas of experience, and job titles. Perform a thorough copy-edit for spelling and grammatical errors and consider design changes to make it more eye-catching and memorable.

A well-designed resume can bring you one step closer to your dream job.

Partner with an experienced recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies have large professional networks that offer access to a wide variety of job opportunities. Through this network, a recruitment professional can help you pursue positions that fit your mix of experience, personality and expertise. An effective recruitment agency often has exclusive access to positions that are not advertised in the open market. Working with an agency can open doors to companies and opportunities that one may never know about otherwise.

Any combination of these resolutions may help you level up your job search in 2019 – keep an eye on our blog for further tips and market intel and all the best with your search!

Beth Title