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Professional Development 101

Professional development is an opportunity to learn new skills, perfect existing skills, and stay up-to-date on best practices in your industry. This is especially important in fast-moving sectors like tech, where new strategies and technologies are always emerging. It’s also important for job seekers entering a new industry. We have put together a professional development list that includes our recruiter’s favourite developmental tools for your all of your skill building needs!

Benefits of Professional Development

There are numerous reasons why our recruitment agency recommends pursuing professional development courses. They can help increase your confidence and keep you up to date on job applications, interviews and networking. Professional development courses also look good on your resume, they can add official certifications or showcase an enthusiasm to learn and improve. Hiring managers will see professional development courses as evidence that you are committed to your industry and your career.

Professional Development Resources

Our recruitment agency utilizes a variety of online and in-person resources that we are continuously sharing with our candidates.

Lynda.com offers more than 3,000 e-courses led by experts on business, technology and creative industries including web design, leadership and management, human resources, marketing and more.

Grow with Google is, you guessed it, a free Google e-learning platform that offers training and education tools for students, job seekers, teachers, start-ups, local businesses and any individual looking to learn a new skill.

Udemy is another popular e-learning tool that showcases over 100,000 videos, tutorials and courses for professional development seekers. Udemy offers course in finance, marketing, communications, IT, office administration, health and fitness, leadership and more.

LinkedIn Learning offers both informational videos and tutorials on industry specific topics providing best practices from leading professionals.

Toronto Public Library is an invaluable resource for job seekers interested in professional development. Anyone with a library card can access a trove of online educational tools, including resources for language learning, technology and business studies, and video tutorials.” If you live outside the Greater Toronto Area, check your local library for similar resources.

The Conference Board of Canada, a think tank dedicated to researching and analyzing economic trends, lists events and opportunities to explore Canadian industries and connect with colleagues. The programs, courses, and workshops listed on their website include opportunities to develop general skills (public speaking, leadership, business strategy, etc.) or learn about specific industries such as legal cannabis and green energy.

If you work in or are interested in working in a particular sector, check your local industry association for professional development opportunities. Groups like the Ontario Real Estate Association and the Law Society of Ontario, for example, are committed to fostering career development for their members.

Professional development is something our recruitment agency is passionate about. The full TDS Personnel team engages in various professional development opportunities. This year, our team was involved in 2019 Digital Day, hosted by the Advertising Club of Toronto. Events like these are opportunities to better understand our clients’ industries and pick up strategies to improve our own business. If you’re looking for a new job, or if you simply want to improve your performance, professional development is a great place to start.