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Millennial Nation: Three Ways to Recruit the Millennial Generation

Millennials are currently the largest generation in the Canadian workforce. By 2030, the millennial generation will make up over 75% of the US and Canadian workplace. A study completed in 2018 concluded that when Millennials believe that their company has a high-trust culture, they’re 22 times more likely to want to work there long term. These stats may be alarming to companies. Those who once thought that generational hiring does not exist could soon be tailoring their recruitment strategies to target the boom of millennial professionals. Check out our recruitment agency’s tips below to attract top millennial talent!

1. A company’s brand speaks volumes. Millennials are attracted to companies that have a positive, well-known brand. The culture and social impact of a potential employer matters because it’s seen as part of their self-image. Showcase what your company’s brand is, what you stand for and the type of culture you offer your employees.

2. Offer valuable non-monetary benefits. It’s no surprise that Millennials are money driven, but there are many factors that come into play when making a career move. Millennials are driven by experience and opportunity. Companies that offer flexible/remote work environments, flexible vacation packages, training and development, wellness initiatives and promote work-life balance are likely to be ranked at the top of their ideal workplace list.

3. Growth, growth and more growth. Millennials are now more entrepreneurial than ever. They see their career, no matter what industry, as their business. They’re ambitious and crave development. When interviewing millennials, look at (offering) potential career trajectories within the company, talk about growth within the role and the direction of the company as a whole.

To be successful recruiting top millennial talent, you need to understand what their unique needs are and tailor your strategy in a way that is attractive to them.

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