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LinkedIn: Why It’s Important and How to Get the Most out of It

Most professionals understand that LinkedIn is an important tool for getting your first or next job, but few really understand why, or how to use it. The leading social media tool for professionals, LinkedIn can be utilized in a multitude of ways to start, grow, or change one’s career path.


Your LinkedIn profile is away of bringing your CV to life out in the public realm, giving your experience a face – yours! A strategically written profile helps build credibility with potential employers and those you want to network with. Your network also allows you to connect with your peers in addition to building new connections with professionals in your field. Lastly, and maybe most importantly; many talent teams and recruitment agencies use LinkedIn to source for their job openings and build their networks for potential opportunities as they come up.


Three tips to get the most out of LinkedIn

  1. Take time to build your profile. Make sure your employment history matches your CV to a T: ensure the dates, job titles and descriptions aligned. This will not only demonstrate your attention to detail, it will also ensure that you are demonstrating a cohesive history online and on paper
  2. Add a profile photo that represents your personal brand. You are more likely to have HR professionals or recruiters accept a connection request or respond to a message if they can see who they are hearing from and humanize your resume.
  3. Interact with your network. Endorse your peers, comment on posts and recognize achievements. You get out what you put in when it comes to social media; it will help legitimize your profile and provide an opportunity for your personality to shine through the text.


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