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Job Hoppers Through a New Lens

Over recent years there has been a lot of talk about job hopping on resumes, and we at TDS Personnel have seen our fair share of it as well. What we’ve learned as an employment agency is that we shouldn’t dismiss job hoppers straight away. Often times job hoppers can be just that, however sometimes their range of experiences can mean they bring fresh, innovative perspectives and a wide professional network. The key to seeing which basket your candidate might fall into is understanding why they have job hopped. Below are some questions that you can ask to help figure it out.

Three warning signs against Job Hopers

  1. Have their roles and responsibilities clearly progressed with each new job? If your candidate is doing the same work at different places it can be a warning sign. However, if you can see that they have moved on to enhance their skills and/or gain more responsibility they might have a lot to offer. Note: If your candidate is the latter, as an organization you will need to constantly challenge them, or be at risk of them job hopping away from you.
  2. Do they have positive, readily-available references? One way we like to confirm the validity of a job-hopper is through reference checking. If the candidate delays providing the information, or offers excuses like “I don’t know where they work now,” or “I’m not sure if they’ll be available” this sends off another warning signal. A job hopper who leaves organizations for the right reasons will always maintain strong relationships.
  3. Were they following a mentor? In some cases, the job hopper has been referred to their jobs, or brought with them by a former boss or mentor. We have met candidates who have followed their mentors and bosses they loved working with to a range of organizations. If this is the case, job hopping can demonstrate loyalty, and can give you a better understanding of the organizational culture they fit best in.

So don’t dismiss the job hopper right away. Instead, understand why they have left and what they bring with them to better assess if they would be a good fit for the role and your organization.

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Beth Title