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How to Thrive at Work Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Businesses are actively creating and implementing health and safety protocols to ensure a safe return to the office for their staff. This involves physical distancing protocols and extra sanitizing measures, just to name a few. What is not being talked about as much is the human side, and how to emotionally prepare for a very different office environment. Here are a few tips from our recruitment agency on how you can help ready yourself for a return to an office contrasting from the one you left:

Find the positive
You may miss some certain aspects of your work environment that you really enjoyed due to post-COVID changes. Perhaps your daily, “water cooler” interactions with a favourite manager or co-worker can no longer take place. Use this as an opportunity to explore new ways of creating a fun and prosperous work environment. With open communication and understanding of everyone’s adapted reality, new dynamics will be created for the better.

Accept change
We are always told change is inevitable, and that is true. Some fear it and some welcome it. Employers and employees alike should move forward with full transparency on how they process change. Some of the best ideas have evolved from change. As you pivot how you operate in a different direction, be open to hearing about and implementing new ideas. Accept and be engaged in the transformation process.

Nurture strong work connections
Finding the positive and accepting change in the workplace will make it easier to connect or reconnect with colleagues that were once only visible by video meeting or by phone. The staff at our recruitment agency maintain a collaborative and open environment that fosters spirited discussions and generates ideas when it comes to problem solving. Express your feelings (positive and negative) to a trusted colleague or manager who will listen without judgment. It’s okay to not come to a solution – the act of open dialogue and “getting it off your chest” to someone that understands can bring relief.

Bottom line, be patient and open to change. A lot of the changes the workplace will see post-COVID are to protect the health and safety of everyone there. Whether it be modifications to your workspace or how you do your work, keep in mind that we’re all in this together and use our recruitment agency’s tips to help make that transition smoother.