qwerty How to Lose a Candidate in 10 Days: Common Hiring Missteps and How to Avoid Them

How to Lose a Candidate in 10 Days: Common Hiring Missteps and How to Avoid Them


Now more than ever it’s important to ensure that your hiring and interview process is in alignment with the pace of the market. Top talent is here today and gone tomorrow if the interview process doesn’t take this into account. 

Companies lose top talent for many reasons but here are a few that can be avoided if the hiring process is clear and concise.  More specifically, this list is focused on how companies unintentionally dissuade a highly talented candidate from joining their team.

Drawn-Out Interview Processes 

We’ve seen interview processes spread over weeks or even months. including multiple follow-up interviews and meetings with a variety of people within an organization. While this is necessary to assess fit and technical skills, it can also potentially mean you have too many stakeholders weighing in on a hire.  

Some delays are out of an organization’s control. Executives travel, people get sick, budgets change. When possible, ensure the process is moving at a steady pace and keep communication open so that a candidate is continuously engaged through the process.

Be clear at the onset what the process will look like so that everyone’s expectations are managed.

Leaving (Negative) Lasting Impressions

First impressions go both ways. From entering the building to being greeted by the interviewer, these moments are often remembered more vividly by candidates than some interview questions asked during the meeting.

When the candidate is evaluating between you and other potential offers, they will take everything into consideration, including seemingly minor details. Be mindful of all the interactions that a candidate has with your offices and team.  Have a clear process, ensure stakeholders are aligned and be considerate of candidates’ time.  Losing a candidate due to a negative impression left by a team member is something we all want to avoid. 

Aptitude Assessments 

The value of both personality assessments and case interviews play an important role in hiring for certain roles. The issue is that there isn’t much empirical evidence to support either of these evaluation methods as being predictive of future success. Do they work for some organizations? Absolutely. Do they ensure the right hire? Not necessarily.  There is always the potential that top talent could be missed out on because their personality doesn’t align with the results the company believes they need for the right fit.

Inconsistent Portrayal of the Role

Consistency is important when trying to attract quality candidates. Remember that they are likely applying to multiple positions at once; keep the messaging consistent to ensure the candidate feels confident that the executives are aligned regarding the hiring needs. Secondly, ensure that the job description on the public job posting aligns with the role the hiring manager is going to describe. 

Keeping the Salary Competitive

Offering competitive pay is the single best way to set yourself apart from other firms.  While we don’t want to admit it, it is critical to lure top-tier talent who are living in an inflated job market.  Conducting thoughtful salary research before making an offer can help you calibrate the offer to reflect the candidate’s experience and abilities. To put it simply: you get what you pay for. To avoid turnover and to give your business the leading edge, ensure your salary range is in alignment with the market.

Keep the talent engaged and protect your brand. There are ways to not only ensure consistency with your hiring process but to elevate the candidate experience as well. 

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