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How to Elevate the Candidate Experience

Attracting top talent can be a challenge in today’s job market. While salaries, benefits, and holidays are as important as ever, in-demand candidates are also interested in company culture and positive employee experiences. The process you use when hiring employees is your company’s first opportunity to make a good impression.

A positive experience during the hiring process can convince a top candidate that your company is the right fit, while a negative experience might lead them to accept another offer.

Improving Candidate Experiences During the Hiring Process

Communication is Key

Clear communication is essential to a positive hiring experience. Candidates want to understand how the process works and what sets your company apart from others. If the process for hiring employees involves multiple interviews, explain this at the onset and describe why it is necessary. For example, some companies include personality assessments as part of their process. If your company has a low turnover rate, explain that your multi-stage hiring process succeeds in finding long-term fits.

Be Flexible

Applicants who are currently working might find it difficult to attend multiple interviews. You can show how much you value their time by being flexible and working with them to accommodate their schedules. This demonstrates mindfulness and sheds light on how you treat your employees and are willing to work with them to resolve conflicts and find mutually beneficial solutions.

Act Quickly

If you want to extend an offer to a candidate, don’t hesitate; it’s a competitive market and time matters. A verbal offer is a virtual handshake only – the physical offer is what officially seals the deal.

Close the Loop

A candidate that isn’t right for a role right now might be perfect for something down the line. Decline them in a timely manner and give feedback – if you like someone, make sure they know why. Ensure their impression of the hiring process is positive, as word can spread fast if it isn’t.

Align Your Hiring Process with Your Culture

The process of hiring employees is an audition for employers and applicants alike. The culture you showcase during the hiring process should appeal to the ideal candidate for your position. We hope these tips will improve your hiring process and help you stand out in a crowded job market.