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Four Tips to Keep Your 2020 Career Resolutions on Track

2020: a new year and an entirely new decade. A chance for new accomplishments, new opportunities and bigger dreams. With a new year comes a chance to improve ourselves both personally and professionally. Making a list of resolutions is exciting, but how many of us stick to them? Three weeks into 2020 and many-a-resolution have likely already been broken.

Accomplishing your career-focused resolutions take time, energy and strategy. Our recruitment agency believes in fresh starts no matter what time of year; seizing the moment and pursuing your dream job. Check out our tips below on how to honour your career aspirations and resolutions.

  1. Clarify your career goals. How can you get to the next step without knowing where you want to be? Take time to reflect on the past year and what key accomplishments you’ve achieved. If you learned a new skill, received a promotion or accepted a new job. Identify what stage of your career you are currently at, what title or job you aspire to be in and why you want it. Once you’ve identified your ideal next move, take a look at the key details. What would this new job look like, what skills are required and what obstacles are in the way? Once you are clear on the how, what, and why, you can begin to invest your time and energy into making this dream a reality.
  2. Expand your network. Networking can be a great resource to connect with like minded individuals, prospective colleagues/bosses and to learn more about your dream companies. Regardless of your career-related resolutions, carve out some time to attend networking events, browse LinkedIn for connections, set up informational meetings, find a mentor or simply chat with more recruiters. Set a goal to add at least one strategic connection to your LinkedIn per week or month.
  3. Update and customize. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Once you’ve identified where you want to be, you need to summarize your skills and sell yourself in a way that aligns with your future dream job. Write a stellar LinkedIn bio, summarize your accomplishments, your career passions and your expertise. Then, do the same with your resume; use quantitative and qualifying information that will stand out to recruiters and hiring managers alike. Bonus tip: customize and tailor your resume to every role you are applying for.
  4. Be accountable. Look at creating a weekly or monthly to do list that help you stay on track. Try sharing your goals with a colleague, mentor or friend and ask them to help you stay on track.


We hope that our recruitment agency’s tips will assist you with achieving your career-related resolutions. If you’re looking for new opportunities, be sure to check out TDS Personnel’s current jobs.