Fund Accountant Recruitment


Fund accountants often work within investment management, private equity, or third party service providers. They play an integral role in the maintenance of the financial records of an investment fund. Accurate records must be kept for investor activity, portfolio activity, income earned, and the expenses incurred by the fund. Responsibilities for accounting on funds includes financial reporting, determination of net asset values, yields, distributions, and preparing profit and loss statements.

Leaders Among Fund Accountant Recruitment Agencies in Ontario

TDS Personnel has strong ties to the investment management industry in order to fulfill fund accountant recruitment requests. Having partnered with many investment management companies since 1975, our highly skilled recruitment agency consultants source candidates through a combination of internal referrals and headhunting. We have access to a strong fund accountant recruitment network and qualified lists of fund accountants across the Greater Toronto Area, including a database of over 10,000 candidates to ensure we source the most qualified fund accountants in the market. Our screening process is adjusted to your company’s requirements and targets, ensuring a shortlist of top available candidates is provided to address your fund accountant recruitment needs.

Do You Need Assistance with Fund Accountant Recruitment?

To start the process of fund accountant recruitment for your firm, contact us to schedule a briefing call where we can get a more detailed picture of the fund accountant role. It is critical for us to understand your services, office environment, and search criteria. As your partners in fund accountant recruitment, we can help you through this process by providing job description templates, helping you measure and understand your existing staffing structure, and providing an overview of industry compensation benchmarks.

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