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The finance manager has an important, cross-operational role within the management team. They perform financial forecasting, work with other departments to set and monitor budgets and manage expenses, and frequently oversee more junior accounting and/or administrative staff. The finance manager has full ownership over all aspects of financial statements, internal processes and controls. This position requires someone with a strong business acumen and the ability to work with outside stakeholders.

Leaders Among Finance Manager Recruitment Agencies in Ontario

TDS Personnel has their finger on the pulse of finance manager recruitment. Our highly trained recruitment consultants source candidates through a combination of internal referrals and headhunting. We have access to a deep finance manager recruitment network, qualified lists of finance managers across the Greater Toronto Area, and our database of over 10,000 candidates to ensure we source the most qualified finance managers in the market. The screening process is tailored to your company’s needs and goals, ensuring a shortlist of the top candidates available for your finance manager recruitment requirements.

Do You Need Assistance with Finance Manager Recruitment?

To begin the process of finance manager recruitment, contact us to arrange a briefing call where we can discuss the role in detail. It is critical that we understand your business offering, office environment, and search requirements. As your partners for finance manager staffing, our team can help you through this process by delivering job description templates, assisting as you assess your existing staff structure, and advising on industry compensation benchmarks.

TDS Personnel is one of the top finance manager recruitment agencies in the GTA. Founded in 1975, TDS has a reputation for providing quality, hands-on service. Contact us for your next finance manager recruitment need!

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