Executive Assistant Staffing


We often hear senior leaders praising their executive assistants and recognizing that they are crucial to helping them get through the day. An effective executive assistant will keep schedules on track, organize, and control all administrative procedures and make enormous contributions to productivity at all levels of the organization. They are masters of meeting management, complex scheduling, and creating comprehensive presentations and reports that help executives make the best use of their time. They are often the backbone of the organization that helps make things appear seamless.

Experts in Executive Assistant Recruiting

At TDS Personnel, we pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to executive assistant staffing. Our highly trained recruitment consultants source and screen each candidate via in person meetings and specific program testing using IBM Kenexa, a widely known and well vetted skill assessment platform. We have access to a deep referral network, qualified lists of executive assistants across the Greater Toronto Area and our database with over 10,000 candidates, to ensure we source the most qualified executive assistant candidates in the market.

We are a recruitment agency with over 45 years of experience recruiting for executive assistant staffing. We have the industry knowledge to identify top talent in the market. We differ from other executive assistant search firms in that we have long-standing relationships with our candidate base. Collectively our team has over 100 years of experience and a laser focus on matching the right executive assistant to the right executive. We know that hiring the right executive assistant into an organization is a necessary step to ensuring you get the most out of your senior team. Executive assistant staffing is crucial to the success of almost every organization. We love that we get to contribute in a meaningful way to the growth of Toronto companies.

Do You Need Assistance with Executive Assistant Recruitment?

To start the process of executive assistant recruitment for your firm, contact us to schedule a briefing call where we can get a more detailed picture of the role. It is important for us to understand your business offering, office culture and search criteria. As your partners for executive assistant staffing, we can assist you through this process by providing job description templates, helping you assess your current staffing structure and navigating industry compensation benchmarks.

We are recruitment specialists that work across many industries but have deep industry knowledge in professional services, financial services, real estate, and communications.

Our most recent successful searches in the executive assistant staffing space have been:

  • Executive Assistant supporting a CFO at a condominium development company
  • Executive Assistant supporting a Senior Partner at a law firm
  • Executive Assistant supporting the Managing Partner of a private equity firm
  • Executive Assistant supporting the real estate team of an investment firm
  • Executive Assistant at one of Canada’s largest banks
  • Executive Assistant supporting Creative Directors at an award-winning advertising agency.