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Best Practices for Job Seekers! Tips from the TDS Recruiters

Job searching can be tough; a full time job within itself which is why there are options available to help you. Specialized and generalized recruitment agencies like TDS assist job seekers in their search and are a great additional resource when looking for your new dream job. We know that finding a job can be overwhelming, which is why our team has put together a list of their top tips to help guide you along the way!

Every consultant in our recruitment agency operates with their own unique style. No matter what type of position you are applying for, our teams’ tips will help you stay at the top of your game!

You’ve just submitted your resume and are eagerly waiting to hear back; so now what? Our first tip is short and sweet, keep your phone nearby and be responsive. Whether it’s a recruitment agency or a company that you have applied to, you can’t land an interview if you’re playing phone tag. Be available and be responsive.

Remember to leave a positive first impression. This may sound like second nature, however there are many things that can take away from doing so. Once you have submitted your resume, you should be aware that the process has started. Leaving a positive first impression is crucial, and not just with the interviewer. From how you answer your phone, to how you greet the person at reception and what you do while you wait for your interview, it all comes into play. Be attentive from the moment you walk in the door, be prepared, know who you’re meeting with and be professional while waiting for your meeting. Smile, show interest and lead with a strong handshake.

Do your research, know the job and know the company. When job seekers are applying for jobs, they typically apply for multiple roles. It is beneficial to have a strong understanding of what the employer is looking for in the specific position you are interviewing for. You want to keep your examples and answers relevant to what the role requires. Showcase your skills in a way that fills the gaps they are looking to fill. If, and when you land the job, you will have time to further develop your skills and refine the role. Secondly, do your research on the company beyond the, “About Us” page. Have a strong understanding of their values, history, the team that you will be meeting with and any updates or news on the company itself.

What to bring to the interview. Bring multiple copies of your resume – one for yourself and each person you are meeting with. Do bring a notepad and a pen; making notes shows that you are engaged and interested. If interviewing in the winter, bring a change of shoes if the conditions are not favourable and if in the summer, ensure your footwear is appropriate for the meeting.

What to do in the interview. When arriving for an interview, arrive 10 minutes early – you want to show that you are capable of being on time but are cognizant of the interviewer’s schedule, so don’t be too early (20 minutes) and try not to cut it too close (five minutes). Be present and have a presence: pay special attention to your attire, body language, posture and facial expressions. Arrive to your meeting dressed for the role you want, be poised, greet the interviewer with a smile and speak clearly. Remember to be confident, friendly and engaging throughout your meeting. You can ask for a question to be repeated and be prepared to ask your own questions about the company, the culture and the role. You want to leave them with a positive impression of your personality and your skills.

Thank you notes and follow ups. You can never underestimate the power of a thank you note. This is something our recruitment agency drives after every interview. Once your meeting has finished, you will want to thank either the interviewer(s). Employers truly appreciate a candidate who goes the extra mile to communicate interest in a role. It gives the job seeker the opportunity to showcase their writing skills and vocabulary. For a hiring manager, a well-written thank you note can lend to the final decision.

We hope that these tips will carry over and become habitual to anyone that is in the process of job hunting. Remember to check out our recruitment agency’s job postings at https://tdspersonnel.com/jobs/