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Benefits of Recruiting External Candidates

There are many recruitment strategies to build your optimal team. A common debated strategy is to recruit internally or externally. Hiring internally reduces the required training and some of the recruiting costs. While hiring internally has its benefits, have you ever considered the benefits of recruiting externally?

Here are some of the top external recruitment benefits:

Fresh ideas. Hiring externally allows for different employees to bring fresh ideas, ideology, and processes to the table. External employees may bring in innovative and creative ideas. This has the potential for being an incredible leg up if that hire has worked for the competition.


Add skills across the organization. It might not be possible to find someone internally with the proper skills for a job, especially for small businesses. Rather than seeking out a contractor to handle the work, hiring someone with that skillset can foster creative continuity while also opening the door to new projects that would be hard to take on otherwise.


Expand network & possibly increase revenue? New hire, new revenue streams? Whether it be through lead generation or an existing book of business, to finding fresh ways to save the company money, an external hire could possibly help increase company revenue.

Thinking of how an external hire could benefit your existing team and company? A recruitment agency can help you narrow down the talent pool to ensure you are hiring the best candidate to align with your company’s current needs and future goals. Reach out to TDS to find out how we can help you take your next talent search to the next level.