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Dedicated to Bringing Companies and Candidates Together – A PREMIERE RECRUITMENT AGENCY IN TORONTO

As a Canadian-owned and operated recruitment agency in Toronto with over 45 years of professional experience, TDS Personnel takes pride in helping companies make the right hires to propel their businesses. We support both candidates and companies in realizing their full potential.

The Better Choice for Recruitment of Temporary, Contract and Permanent Placements A RELIABLE STAFFING AGENCY IN TORONTO

For more than four decades, TDS has developed strong working relationships with companies in a variety of industries. Through an extensive network of screened candidates we are able to connect growing companies with qualified job seekers. TDS has a reputation for first in class service, a keen eye for top talent and a client centric approach. Our goal is to provide thoughtful, targeted recruitment research and apply strong business ethics for successful results. Our consultants’ wide networks ensure we always provide a pipeline of qualified candidates for any need you may have. Fill open roles and close hiring gaps with top talent every time with our leading staffing agency in Toronto.


With decades of experience operating as a premiere recruitment agency in Toronto, we’ve honed our candidate and position evaluation process to ensure you’re only seeing the best candidates for your staffing needs.

Our assessment begins by building a thorough understanding of the company & its culture, the position and the requisite skills needed to be successful in the role. Our team then collaboratively engages the market via our existing pre-screened candidates, referrals and niche headhunting efforts. This allows us to quickly and accurately engage the talent market and pinpoint the right candidates for your organization. In short, we create efficiencies in your hiring process and yield results that simplify and streamline the hiring timeline.

We take the time to really get to know our candidates. Not only their skills and abilities but also their long-term career goals, personality, and work values. We strive to ensure that all parties involved in the hiring process are engaged, interested and working towards the same goal. This ensures that candidates and companies are in a position to move from hiring to hired as smoothly as possible.


With over 45 years of partnering with both companies and candidates across Toronto, TDS has worked with generations of talent. Some of our placed candidates have grown into decision makers as their careers progressed and continued to work with TDS as their premiere recruitment agency of choice. Our staffing agency has the inside scoop of some of the best jobs in Toronto and ensures our candidates are only being engaged for roles that complement their long-term career aspirations and goals.


If you’re exhausted by time consuming, costly and frustrating hiring processes, we hear you – and we’re here to help.

Our Toronto recruitment agency is adept at locating top talent and connecting qualified candidates with positions that align not only their career aspirations but also with your needs and company culture. Both the organization and employee benefit and this ensures an easy short list without a drawn-out interview process.

We pride ourselves on providing top-level customer service as we match qualified candidates with ideal roles at organizations that can benefit from their talents and experience.

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Employer services include
  • Application-based skills testing
  • In-depth screening process – attitude and motivation, loyalty and work ethic
  • Professional reference checks
  • Criminal and credit checks
  • Confidential interview facilities

Over 80% of Our Recruitment Work Is With Referred and Repeat Clients

Work with an elite team from a professional recruitment agency Toronto and turn your passion into a profession. Whether you are seeking a permanent career or a temporary assignment, TDS Personnel offers you exposure to some of the most recognized and respected employers across Ontario. We partner with our candidates to match them with opportunities that align with their technical skills and companies that reflect their core values and career aspirations.

Looking For a New Career?

TDS Personnel Is Here to Help

The team of professionals at our Toronto Recruitment Agency will review and critique your resume as necessary, provide relevant interview feedback & preparation, and connect you with suitable interview opportunities that align with your experience, skillset, and career aspirations.
TDS Personnel Positions Candidates for Success

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have any jobs?
We do! Job postings can be found here.
Will you find me a job?
We guarantee to try our best to assist candidates with their job search. We aim to match candidates to opportunities that align with their experience and career goals in Toronto and the GTA. We are a resource to enhance a job search but should not be considered a singular source for positions.
What if I don’t see any job postings that interest me?
That’s okay! You can send your resume to If your background aligns with the industries, we typically service, a professional from our team will be in touch once a suitable role becomes available.
Is this a free service for job seekers?

Yes, it is free for candidates! We may or may not have a role that is right for you but yes, the service will always be free. Check out our blog as well for additional job searching tips! We typically are sourcing for a variety of administrative and office,l, finance, accounting, real estate and marketing roles. Check out our job postings for more information.

How does the process work once I have interviewed with TDS?
Once you have interviewed, the recruiter you partner with will share roles that align with your skills and career aspirations as they become available. The end goal, of course, is to get you an interview and secure you a permanent, temporary or contract position!
Will you sell my personal information?
Absolutely not. Your information and job search efforts are private and will be kept completely confidential.
Do you offer payroll services?
We offer temporary staffing which includes payroll services. Contact us to learn more about our temporary staffing services.
What types of staffing solutions do you offer?
We conduct searches for permanent, temporary and contract positions across a variety of industries and specialties.