A smart, engaged and progressive workforce is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Here’s what we offer to give your business an edge:

  • Select from an extensive and carefully curated roster.
    A healthy referral network, coupled with our policy of meeting each applicant and only selecting the best, translates into a pool of 40,000 skilled and exceptional candidates who are not readily available elsewhere.
  • Minimize downtime with vetted, qualified candidates.
    All applicants are screened, tested and selected for their ability and their work ethic, including reference checks, criminal and credit checks, skill and behavioural screening.
  • Save money.
    Each client is unique. We provide a customized proposal and competitive fee structure tailored to your business requirements.
  • Simplify operations.
    We simplify the accounting involved when you hire temporary employees by administering source deductions including UIC, CPP, income tax, liability insurance, vacation pay, workers compensation, and health plans.
  • Identify opportunities and mitigate risk.
    Take advantage of an on-site consultation and have one of our consultants give you an objective assessment of your personnel needs. You’ll get frank and honest feedback, insight into your industry and realistic suggestions for building your bottom line.
  • Rely on a long-standing track record (since 1975 to be exact).
    We tend not to beat our own drum –we prefer to let our clients do it for us. Let’s just say, “personal touch”, “available 24/7”, “no red tape”, “never force a fit” and “in tune to what we need” are some of the things you’ll hear them say most often.
  • Don’t tip your hand.
    Not only are our staff accustomed to dealing with confidential matters, we can provide interview space for our clients to conduct off-site interviews.
  • Stay up-to-date with leading-edge information.
    We share insight into current employment legislation on salaries, human rights legislation, trends in job descriptions and evaluations, pay equity law and other issues affecting you and your employees.

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