Temporary Work Available!

Salary Range: $13.00-16.00/hr
Employment Type: Temporary
Job Industry : Fashion & Apparel | Not For Profit Organization | Professional Services | Real Estate and Development | Insurance | Accounting and Finance | Banking and Investment Management | Marketing and Communications
Job Category: Customer Service | Operations | Real Estate and Development | Administrative and Office Support | Banking and Asset Management | Accounting and Finance
Posted on: September 06, 2017

Looking to gain some corporate experience or network? Not sure what direction you want to take for your career?

Temporary assignments are a great way to get exposure to different industries and work environments. From finance to advertising/marketing, professional services and real estate, our clients frequently require individuals to fill roles within their offices for vacation coverage, sick leaves etc.  

What is required to do temp work? Intermediate to advance computer skills, some office experience and a strong work ethic. 

To apply now contact: l.steinberg@tdspersonnel.com


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